Does God Hate?

Posted by Chris Dierkes in Emotions, Mystics

A few weeks ago, my good friend Bruce Sanguin wrote a piece entitled The Tender Wrath of God. He described it as an attempt to redeem the language of God’s wrath. I recommend reading his piece in full. I’ve been thinking about writing a piece…

What is The Soul?

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece arguing that many spiritual teachings around today neglect the place of our souls. I worked off the notion of spiritual bypassing–which is spiritual teachings that hurt people by teaching them to bypass their emotions. I said that…

What Is Loving Presence?

Posted by Chris Dierkes in Emotions, Mystics

The tagline of this website is An Invitation to a Life of Loving Presence. What do I mean by Loving Presence? I’ll start first with a brief description of how I understand presence and from there explore why I feel adding Loving is so crucial…