Soul Readings for Children

“Your soul knows the geography of your destiny. Your soul alone has the map of your future, therefore you can trust this indirect, oblique side of yourself. If you do, it will take you where you need to go, but more important it will teach you a kindness of rhythm in your journey.” –John O’Donohue

Soul: a word meaning the unique essence of a person

Soul Reading: a means of gaining insight, language, and understanding of one’s own unique personal essence.

Soul Reading for a Child: a reading aimed at understanding the unique essence of a child in order to assist a parent (or parents) in nurturing the soul development of their child.

There’s an old medieval line about how the eyes are the window to the soul. In the midst of all the craziness of family life, there are these moments when all that drops away–even if just for a second or two–and you can see that this little human is also some kind of ancient being. Through their eyes, you glimpse some power and beauty that exceeds their years. Of course their bodies, their minds, their emotions, their personalities are very young and have lots of maturing to do and yet somehow something much older, much wiser shines through. Something that is them and no other. However much their other capacities have to develop, from a soul point of view, they come in fully ready to go.

This offering is an opportunity to give language and understanding to the soul of your child.

Introducing Soul Readings for Children:

A Powerful Way to Support Parents in Understanding and Nurturing Their Child’s Unique Essence…

My approach to doing soul readings for children gives you, the parent, insight into your child’s individual way of being so that you are more able to support them in developing their unique strengths as well as addressing their “built in” challenges and vulnerabilities.

A soul reading for your child is a gift that will support your parenting and through that will benefit your child for the whole of their life

Dear loving parent committed to your child’s spiritual well being,

There’s a lot of pressure on you to provide your child (or children) with the opportunity to develop themselves in every facet of their lives. From education to extracurricular activities, you’re doing your best to provide them with the chance to explore their interests so they can start to make informed choices about who they are and what’s important to them. You hold the desire for the deepest happiness and peace of your child. Nevertheless, in the hustle and bustle of life, it’s very easy to lose track of this quiet source of resilience, intuition, and strength in your child that I call their soul (aka their unique personal essence).

You understand that connecting to your own deepest personal essence is a key component to you feeling fulfilled in the life that you’re living. You know this also is true for your child. Yet you may at times find it challenging to know how best to provide your child with the resources they need in order to understand themselves on a soul level. Whether you consider yourself to be spiritual, religious, atheist, agnostic or a seeker, supporting your child in their soul development may feel like a challenging task.

Perhaps you’re unsure of how to affirm and cultivate your child’s uniqueness in a way that feels real to you and/or to them

Maybe you’re aware of how deep a being your child is and you’re longing for a way to shine a light on their complexity and potential

As a parent, supporting your child’s soul development may feel like an unclear process. At the same time, you know—as only a parent can know—that your child is capable of so much if only you could pinpoint exactly where they need your guidance…

Which is where I come in.

My name is Chris Dierkes and I understand where you are right now.

As a parent with a young child, I am deeply aware of the importance of developing my daughter’s understanding of her essence so she can feel fulfilled within herself and her life. I am a long time spiritual practitioner who has studied a diverse range of spiritual lineages and teachings. However, despite my choice to pursue spiritual development as a lifelong practice both personally and professionally, I want my daughter to make her own choices around her spirituality and values. My heartfelt desire is to nurture and support her soul, which I believe is ultimately the deepest guide of her own being and path.

I was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition and have a long time love affair with Christian mystical tradition. I am also a strong advocate for energetic forms of healing work, including being a Reiki Master in three lineages of Reiki. I believe strongly in the value and role of intuition in connecting to our souls and living a well rounded, fully human life.

My varied spiritual background has allowed me to create a practice of doing soul readings that are accessible to anyone open to learning more about how they—and/or their children—can connect to their own unique personal essence as a way to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

I have a particular desire and care for supporting parents in affirming and nurturing the souls of their children. I know intimately that as our core as parents we want to provide our children every opportunity we can to support them in living a happy and healthy life. I believe a significant part of fulfilling that desire is equipping our children with the information and wisdom they need to deal with life’s many challenges, especially by learning who they are at the deepest core of their own being. In other words, by learning who they are at their soul.

I have done soul readings for hundreds of children and adults so they can feel more confident in who they are and finally connect to a feeling of purpose that allows them to live a fuller and more joyful life.

(If you would like to hear me speak in more depth about my perspective on soul readings for children, I’ve recorded an audio for you that covers this topic in-depth. Click here to listen.)

What is a Soul Reading?

A soul reading—as done for your child—is a in-depth summary of your child’s individual way of being. It affirms what makes your child unique, while at the same time provides practical insight into your child’s strengths, challenges and vulnerabilities.

The primary focus of a soul reading is to give you, as a parent, clarity around the energies that motivate your child’s being so you can start to take actions in their life to help align them with who they really are. The reading will address your child’s inherent strengths as well as their “built in” challenges and vulnerabilities. All of this information will be used to inform very specific practices that your child will be given to help them strengthen their soul and deal with their inherent challenges.

At it’s core, your child’s soul reading is about giving you the tools you need to support your child in their soul development.

A soul reading in no way takes away from the fact that you know your child and are already doing the best that you can to help them live a happy and healthy life. Rather, a soul reading provides you with insight into the deeper facets of your child’s way of being that may or may not have made themselves known yet. This will allow you to prepare for your child to step more fully into themselves when they’re ready. It will give you the chance to see your child as the singular being that they are so that you can nurture their individuality, independence and confidence.

Having a soul reading done is a gift to your child that will provide a solid foundation on which they can build a relationship with their deepest self.

Your child’s soul is their unique light or personal essence. Like a fingerprint, a soul carries identifying marks that make it special to the person to whom it belongs. It’s how your child expresses their universal wholeness in a way that is distinct to them.

A soul reading provides insight into the precise nature of your child’s unique essence. This is in the service of you as a parent getting to know your child on a deeper level. It is also a way for your child to gain greater access to what their strengths are as well as how to lean into the challenges that are inherently a part of their unique way of being.

  • Develop your child’s unique way of being
  • Support your child’s deeper motivating energies
  • Help your child with this important part of their personal growth

This soul reading is a simple yet illuminating way for you to support your child in their soul development. It’s comprehensive and practical; you will come away from it feeling like you are more able to support and guide your child in becoming their full self now and in the future.

Learn practical strategies to support your child in their soul development

Gain a deeper understanding of your child’s motivating energies


As a loving and committed parent, there’s only so much you can do to support your child in dealing with life’s inevitable challenges

At some point, your child will need to be able to rely on their own resilience and self-awareness to solve problems and deal with setbacks.

The good news is, you can prepare them now so that they are more able to lean into the many challenges that life will present to them.

While it’s important to understand your child’s inherent strengths, it is equally—if not more—important to address their unique challenges and vulnerabilities. These aspects of your child’s soul are “built in” and provide an opportunity for growth and learning to take place. While that challenges that are a part of your child’s soul cannot be eliminated, they can be proactively and productively addressed.

If these challenges are not addressed early on, your child may resort to unhealthy coping strategies later in life. This can lead to any number of ills as your child attempts to cover up their deep vulnerability. Of course, being untrue to themselves in this way never works long term and can feed future cycles of painful behaviours and choices.

If, on the other hand, your child’s challenges and vulnerabilities are addressed early on, they can begin to build a foundation of resilience and strength that will provide support and clarity regardless of the challenges they face

My expert approach to soul readings combines ancient wisdom with contemporary soul development language, approaches and practices

As a multidisciplinary spiritual practitioner, my work is respectful of ancient forms of knowing while, at the same time, open and exploratory. This makes the soul readings that I do accessible to most people wherever they are on their spiritual journey. The process of having a soul reading done for your child is simple (but not simplistic).

How a Soul Reading is Done

A soul reading is a straightforward and easy process that fits perfectly into the busy lives of families. The information for the soul reading comes from The Book of Life, which is also referred to as the Akashic Records. As someone who can access these spiritual “documents,” I am then able to do a reading on your child’s soul.

My role is to help interpret and translate the unique code for your child for you as the parent. So the translation of the reading will be directed at you about your child. I assist in giving language and a frame of reference to this elusive, mysterious, potent, and beautiful reality known as your child’s soul.

The Steps of a Soul Reading

  1. I will ask you for some basic information on your child. This consists of your child’s full name, birthdate, and location of birth. This information is kept confidential at all times.
  2. Using this information as permission to access The Book of Life, I will do a soul reading for your child. I do the reading privately and then record myself talking through your child’s reading.
  3. Once the reading is complete, I will send you audios that you can download and listen to them. This allows you to go through the reading as many times as you want to. As the reading is quite in-depth, it’s really valuable to have the recordings as a lifetime resource.

That’s it! I can do a soul reading for you child wherever they are in the world. The audio recordings that you receive can be revisited as many times as you want. So you can take your time going through them and use them to support your child’s soul development.

Benefits of Doing a Soul Reading for Your Child

  • Your child will feel affirmed in who they are in a way that makes them feel heard, appreciated and seen
  • Your child will experience clarity around why your child is the way they are as well as their unique strengths
  • Your child will have the opportunity to address their challenges and vulnerabilities in a way that makes them feel empowered and able to lean into the tests and trials that life throws at them
  • You, as a parent, will feel better knowing that you’ve provided your child with a powerful tool to help them become more self-aware and resilient

It’s simple and easy and can be listened to as many times as you’d like so you can address different parts of your child’s soul as they step more fully into themselves, their values and their choices


Here’s what some of my past clients have to say about getting a soul reading for their child—or themselves—from me:

I cannot think of a better or more important gift you can give your child than the opportunity to have them live their life with a spiritual ‘clean slate’ — a chance to uncover their true self and to move through this incarnation feeling empowered and confident in knowing who they are. Working with Chris has been a life changing experience for me and my family — the whole world should have the opportunity to participate in this important work with him. It’s a game changer folks!

— Jasmine, mother of 2

I have never felt so completely understood, totally seen, and utterly accepted as I did during Chris’ reading. Pieces of myself that I had never had the words to describe suddenly made sense, and self compassion became a real possibility. Chris takes your information and crystallizes it in a way that is truly unique. He has a gift for seeing what matters and what part of the heart is longing to be touched, gently nudging your soul in the direction it was meant to. Truly, he rocks.

— Karen M.

If the human experience was compared to riding a roller coaster, working with Chris gives me the trust and faith to sit more FULLY in the seat with a willingness to take every moment in with curiosity, lightness and humour.

His gentle nature, compassionate approach and transparency as being human (who knows and has lived a shit tonne of spirituality) makes it easy for me to surrender into the “unveiling” process feeling safe and supported; but also doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to exploring the journey of our soul .

Chris calls it like he feels it and embodies what it means to be of service to another. He creates the most mutually respectful space where I get the front row learning of my own experience and he throws in divinely timed wisdom and parables that seem to be exactly what I need to either unlock the next door or lock IN the learning that’s there for me.

Bottom line – if you are looking for spiritual support, guidance from someone ridiculously human to help navigate, interpret and implement your soul’s truest expression in this life, consider your search over.

— Keri-Anne L.

Here’s what you’ll get when you book your child’s soul reading with me:

1 hr Introductory Audio*

This recording explores the nature of a soul, the purpose of a soul reading and how helping your child to develop certain parts of their soul can immediately and positively benefit their life.

Your Child’s Soul Reading Audios*

Your child’s soul reading comes with a series of audios that contain an in-depth exploration of each facet of your child’s soul. The first set of recordings explore each of your child’s core soul facets in great detail one by one. A final recording then ties all the individual pieces together into a loving synthesis. In that way you learn the different pieces of your child’s personality and how each facet works together to make up the whole that is your child’s unique soul.

Soul Retrieval Homework

Soul retrieval is a process that has ancient roots across many cultures around the world. It’s a process of calling back or retrieving parts of a soul that have been fragmented or lost due to past trauma, negative karma and/or some other disconnect. In this process you will be acting on behalf of your child to call back in aspects of their true nature. It is a beautiful act of devotion that is healing and empowering for their soul.


After you have listened to your child’s reading you are more than welcome to email me with any questions you have. I am happy to clarify anything that isn’t immediately understandable or clear. Soul work is complex and at times, mysterious. I want you to feel like you’re able to access the full benefit of your child’s soul reading as it will allow for the greatest personal and spiritual growth within their life.

*All audios are downloadable and you can keep them permanently.

Do You Want to Support Your Child’s Soul Development So They Can Feel More Confident in Who They Are & What Makes Them Unique?

When you book your child’s soul reading with me, you’ll immediately feel better knowing that you’re addressing this important part of your child’s personal development. Soul readings for children provide a great foundation on which your child can build their understanding of—and relationship with—spirituality.

This is a simpler yet powerful chance to support your child in becoming a self-aware person with a clear understanding of how aligning to their own uniqueness can help them to live a happy and fulfilled life.


This is a gift that will be of benefit to your child for the rest of their life. It’s a small investment for the substantial benefit that your child will experience as a result.

A soul reading for your child is only


If you are a family and want more than one reading done—for you, a partner or another one of your children—it’s $500 for 2 people and $700 for 3 people.


Do my child and I need to be present for the soul reading?

You and your child do not need to be present for a reading. As long as I have your permission to access you child’s soul records from The Book of Life, then the reading can be done wherever you are in the world. Once the reading is complete, you will receive a recording of your child’s soul reading via email that you can download and keep forever.

Are your soul readings based off of a certain religious belief?

My soul readings are not based off any one spiritual or religious belief system. They speak to the deeper motivating energies of a soul that in a language that is unique to the Book of Life. That being said, my soul readings are compatible with all religious and spiritual belief systems.

What are the long term benefits of a soul reading?

While a person becomes more their own self, their underlying essence does not change. A soul reading for your child is a gift they can take with them into every stage of life. In that way, it’s benefit far outlasts the initial investment.

How practical is a soul reading?

While understanding your child’s unique way of being is important, it is equally necessary that you know what to do with that information. Which is why the soul reading that I do come with practices that will allow you to guide your child to develop their strengths and address their unique challenges and vulnerabilities.