Dream Interpretation

Dreams are alluring. Dreams call to us from another world. Like a faraway voice, we strain to hear our dreams and their reverberations through our life.

Dreams are evanescent. Dreams roll through our mind like thunder and lightning. They blink in and out of our awareness. They are fleeting and yet haunting, an echo of a mysterious land we travel to each night.

Dreams are elusive. Dream can slip through our fingers and our memory. They’re here one second and gone the next. And yet somehow something of them lingers with us. It’s why we keep coming back to our dreams.

Dreams are adhesive. Dreams stick to us and carry forward with us into our day. We chew on them, pondering their potential meaning.

Dreams have fascinated human beings throughout history. Many cultures both ancient and modern have developed ways to track dreams, to be guided by dreams, to interpret dreams. Dreams can show us our past, they can reveal hidden qualities of our present, and sometimes even give us glimpses into our future (or at least a possible future).

Dreams are a source of wisdom. Great wisdom traditions have understood that dreams are intimately tied into our souls. Dreams can illuminate our souls and for this reason learning to understand and work with our dreams can be immensely valuable. Through our dreams we can come to know ourselves on the deepest, most personal level of our being, i.e. our soul.

In this offering I will work in concert with you to interpret and embody your dreams.

Let me unpack that statement.

Working in concert with you
Your dreams are your dreams. You ultimately are the decider as to the meaning (or meanings) of your dream. In this offering I am an assistant, more like a guide or possibly translator/interpreter. I will offer potentials pathways of interpretation in response to your dream. It is you however who decides which path you will take. In other words, I’m not interested in being THE DREAM INTERPRETER who knows all and sees all and tells you what your dreams mean. I offer interpretations. You go with what resonates and let go of anything that doesn’t.

Interpretation is how most people conceive of dream work. What does “my dream mean?” we ask. This focus of locating, connecting with, and coming to comprehend a dream’s meaning is very important but it is only one aspect of working with dreams.

Embody Your Dreams
Embodying your dreams is as important as interpreting your dreams (sometimes I’d say it’s even more important). And yet embodying dreams is a form of dream work that very few people know about or practice. Embodiment of dreams means actions you can take in the waking world to follow through on the dream.

For example let’s say you a have a recurring dream where you constantly feel you’re being chased and you wake up startled. In embodiment practice there’s a way (in your waking day) to imagine turning around and facing your pursuer. You might find the pursuer is a part of yourself that you’ve been running from and you could embrace and connect to that aspect of yourself. The pursuer might be an enemy that you need to imagine and visualize overcoming or defeating in some manner.

Working to embody your dreams in your waking life allows you to change you dream. In the example of a recurring dream you would work through the dream with the embodiment practice and then the dream most often ceases altogether (or at least significantly reduces). Working with dream embodiment is a very creative and empowering process. There are endless possibilities of how you can embody your dream depending on the unique qualities and elements of your dream. As with interpretation I offer some suggestions or recommendations for you for dream embodiment practice. You ultimately decide for yourself to go with what resonates (or not).

[Special Note: In specific cases I can be hired for an additional fee to facilitate the dream embodiment work in session work (either in person in Vancouver or by phone/Zoom). Examples here would include very painful or frightening nightmare of a recurring variety. Experiences of a negative intrusive or violent nature in a dream. Or alternatively a very tender or spiritual dream like dreaming about a loved one who has crossed over.]

If you would like to get a flavour of how my style of dream interpretation you can listen to me interpret a dream here:

To book your dream interpretation click here to contact me.

What Makes This Offering Unique
In my mind there are two really crucial elements that distinguish this way of doing dream interpretation. The first is the strong emphasis placed on you being the one to determine and decide on the meaning of your dream. (The fancy term for that is sovereign dream work). The second is the focus on embodying dream work and working with the dream in waking life.

What You’ll Receive

  1. An audio outlining what dream interpretation is, how I go about offering it, and how best to listen to your recording. This is a more general introductory recording to give you proper context for listening to your specific recording.
  2. A separate  audio diving specifically into your dream. This recording covers both the dream interpretation itself as well as my suggestions for how to work with the dream in embodiment (or conscious dreaming practice).

How It Works

It’s really quite simple.

  • You contact me indicating you want me to do some dream interpretation.
  • I will email you back with information about the logistics of payment and then will ask you to send me your dream, including any feelings/emotions you had that went along with it, along any other relevant information you think might be helpful for me to know in doing dream interpretation work.
  • You send me your dream.
  • I will sit with your dream and reflect upon it and seek guidance as to possible meanings. I will then record myself talking through your dream. I will email you two audios. First a general introduction to dream interpretation to give you some context as well as your specific dream interpretation. That second recording will include the dream interpretation proper and some ideas for working to embody your dream.
  • You download the recordings (and keep them permanently) and listen to them a few times. Take notes, write down any questions or reflections you have.
    Email me your feedback: questions, clarifications, reflections and I will respond to you.

One dream: $150 (USD, CAD, AUD, NZD)
Two Dreams; $250

Please Note: For US clients I charge in American dollars. For Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand clients I also charge in your local currency. If you’re outside those countries, let me know and we’ll figure our conversion rates. I also accept payment in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereal (ETH). Let me know if you would want to pay in this manner.

Contact Me To Purchase Your Dream Interpretation
(You can also email me questions or inquiries you have around this offering.)

Thank you for your time and attention.

Peace, Blessings


PS Click here to listen to me interpret a dream.