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Energetic Care For Home and Business

Have you ever walked into a home or sacred space and immediately felt uplifted, calm, and peaceful? Have you ever entered an apartment or building and immediately felt tense, stressed, even afraid? 

If so, then you have naturally and intuitively recognized that houses, apartments, and office spaces are energetic realities. What that means is that our homes and offices hold the energetic residue and memory of everything that has occurred on the land and in that space.

Homes, apartments, and office spaces can (and often do!) create negative energetic interference in our lives, a kind of low-level stress or feeling of misalignment.

The good news is that there is a simple but powerful way to care for the energetic state of our homes, apartments, and offices. This care consists of two elements:

Clearings: removing negative energetic interference 

Blessings: increasing a sense of calm, balance, and peacefulness

In this process we begin by clearing any energies that are creating interference in your home, apartment, and/or office. After the clearing has taken place, then your home or office will receive a set of blessings over the course of a month to increase an energetic sense of balance, harmony, and warmth.

This work is done long distance.  I only need the address of your home, apartment, or office space.

How Does It Work? 

  • Simply click on the button below to make your payment and secure my services.
  • Select your preferred option: single clearing & blessing or combined home & office. (If you own or rent more than two properties, email me directly and we will create a specific package for you.) 
  • You will then receive an email within the following 72 hours detailing when I will send the clearing and begin the blessings.

What Do You Get?

An elegant energetic clearing and month-long set of blessings for your home, apartment, or office space. It will clear out any interfering energies or emotions held in the space. In addition the spaces will be energized through the blessings, creating a sense of deep calm, peacefulness, and ease in the home or office.

What Can You Expect? 

The exact effects of the clearing and blessing are unique in each case. So no specific result can be guaranteed beforehand. Here are some concrete examples that have occurred.

  • A home that previously felt energetically draining now brings a sense of rejuvenation and solace.
  • A person works from their home and has trouble emotionally separating their work life from their family life. Now they can more easily let go of their work to be present with their family.
  • An apartment full of clutter that the renter has wanted to clean and fix up for awhile but never felt they could. Now they find the energy necessary to recreate their space to their liking.
  • A person keeping in their home concrete items of a painful past that they want to let go of but struggle to do so finds the strength to release the past.
  • A work office out of alignment to an entrepreneur’s deepest desires is creating an energetic drain on the business. After the clearing, the misalignment is neutralized leading to more flow and creativity in the business.
  • A home or apartment complex that had an unnerving or unsettling quality about it now feels settled, allowing everyone within to be at ease. 
  • Businesses which depend on good energy for people to congregate like restaurants and coffee shops hear from patrons that the place feels more alive.

To obtain a home or office clearing and blessing click the button below.

Can I Purchase This as Gift for Friends and Family? 

Yes you can. For example it makes a great housewarming gift. Your friend or family member however needs to email me directly to indicate that he/she wants the clearing and blessing. It’s very important that I have their explicit approval for the process. So please ask them first before purchasing.


Single: For Home or Apartment or Business ($300 CAD)

Joint: For Home/Apt. & Business/Office Space ($500 CAD) 


“Used to renovating and transforming homes, we did everything we could to get our old timer home the way we wanted, to nurture our family, yet somehow at every corner it felt like our house was resisting our efforts. It seemed to have a hold over us. We experienced electrical issues, furniture that wouldn’t fit, even funny smells, and after 5 years of challenge we sunk into resigned acceptance – this wasn’t our dream home, but we just had to put up with it. We were amazed how things changed after Chris’ house clearing and blessing. We suddenly found solutions where there had only been barriers before, rooms got changed around and suddenly our cranky old home has become more light hearted and fun to live in!  Give it a go you may just be amazed how a subtle change in energy can make a world of difference to your environment.”

Karen Wood, Consultant, Mother

“It’s difficult for me to describe what Chris does, because I can’t show you.  It’s not something he produces.  I can’t pull it out of my pocket, or tell you exactly how he does it.  What Chris does (and who he is) is bigger and broader than anything tangible. The house clearing he did for me was very interesting.  Again, it’s hard to put words to it.  Before the clearing there were some spots in my home that felt uncomfortable.  Places where I would walk through and I could feel a different energy.  Something was a bit off, a bit uncomfortable.  These were the spots where I felt a chill and an impulse to look over my shoulder. Chris did the clearing, and that feeling has since cleared out.  I can walk through my house and the space feels clean, welcoming and warm.  Again, I can’t show it to you.  I can’t point it out, I can’t write it down. But it works.”

Gillian Rowinski, HR Business Partner, Mother of 2