Radio Interviews

I’m a regular guest (the resident spiritual advisor) on the show Trying to be Good with my friend Emelia Symington Fedy. (It’s an amazing show, you should listen.)

Our first interview on the core concept of my work, Sovereignty.

Our second interview on the value of all emotions, why spiritual teachings can cut us off from our emotions, why we shouldn’t be looking for happiness, and how to liberate our emotions.

Our third interview on why spiritual enlightenment is not enough and why Incarnation is more important than spiritual awakening.

Our fourth interview, taped only few days after my mother’s death, exploring the topic of grief (heads up: this is a tender one).

Podcast Interviews

I was interviewed on my core interest in soul work–how it’s distinct from spiritual practice and why it’s so missing and so important in our day. I was interviewed by my friend Sheila Sutherland who has a great podcast called Reignite Your Purpose.

Part I on what is the soul (versus spirit)


Part II on what is soul work, what are the methods and processes that work on the level of the soul.