Becoming Human: The Path of Soul Manifestation

This offering is by invitation-only. It is for those who have completed the initial 5 session soul work (Being Human: The Path of Healing). The soul’s energies naturally move from healing towards manifestation. Manifestation is the ability to bring into concrete existence the deepest desires of the soul. The more healed a soul becomes the more it desires to create in this world. In this offering we give a space for the soul to unleash it’s deepest potentials.

First you will learn the precise nature of your soul’s coding to do manifestation work. Every soul has a characteristic set of ways it wants to go about creating major change in life. I will read for your particular soul patterning as well as how connected (or not) you are to that coding in your daily life. Where there are any areas of disconnect we will develop simple, practical, and powerful ways to realign with your soul’s natural coding to manifest.

Next we will explore the soul nature of your business or offering. Those of us who work in private practice or having created our own heart-based businesses have the opportunity to partner with the soul of our business. Your business is an energetic entity, having its own soul or soul-like reality (to learn more about the soul of your business as an energetic entity unto itself read here).

When we are able to connect to the soul of our business we gain greater clarity and inspiration. We learn to care for the business and ourselves in subtle and profound ways. Just as your soul has its own coding to express its deepest nature, the soul of your business does as well.

Lastly, I will be reading for the energetic expression and current experience of your business itself. Since the business has its own soul-like reality, it can be read for just as a human soul. The business can receive energy clearings. We can learn where the business is in a good state of flow and areas where it is blocked or where there are energetic leakages.

Who is This For?

Individuals who run their own heart-centered practices and business who have gone through the first phase of soul work with me and would like to continue. Solo entrepreneurs, life coaches, energy healers, therapists, and so on.

What You’ll Get

  • an in-depth understanding of the precise way your soul is designed to do change work
  • detailed information as to areas where you are in alignment or out of alignment to your’s manifestation code.
  • an education in working the soul of your business
  • energy readings on the current state of your business and intuitive readings about next best action steps to help realize your intentions.
  • notation and action steps from each session
  • on-going email support

The length of this offering is 6-10 months. It will be agreed upon by both you and I.

Energetic Exchange

$300/month (1 session/month)
$500/month (2 session/month)