I believe that the resources we need to live a life guided by wisdom and love are available to us. In order to recognize the grace that surrounds us, we need to begin to trust subtler forms of our being human.

My approach is one of deep inclusion. It seeks to awaken, recognize, and appreciate the different dimensions of our human experience: bodily, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. When we can locate and honor these distinct dimensions of ourselves, when we attend to their needs in a conscious way, we bring greater health, clarity, and harmony to our being. We come into right relationship with ourselves, with others, with the life process itself.

The great 20th century scholar of mysticism Henry Corbin coined the term ‘imaginal.’ He argued that our Western culture sees imagination as an illusory phenomenon, a sort of quaint past-time. For Corbin, studying the ancient spiritual traditions of humanity, imagination is actually an access to a rich world of possible experience. Hence the term imaginal–it’s the realm accessed by subtle imaginative capacities but is deeply real, not imaginary.

I find the exploration of the imaginal realm to be a rich line of inquiry–how we access it and how we gain help and support from it. In so doing, we’ll gain greater responsibility for what we transmit energetically and emotionally in life, we’ll become more mature in our care for self and others, and we’ll be blessed with a larger sense of wonder and awe at the mystery of life.

The imaginal is deeply marginalized in our society. It’s marginalized in mainstream discourse certainly, but it’s also marginalized in many contemporary spiritual circles. This marginalization leads to a great deal of stress, confusion, disempowerment, and suffering. By accessing and owning these often disowned parts of ourself and our experience of life, we contact the greater wholeness that pervades us. In so doing, we find grounding, centeredness, calm, empathy, ethics, love, strength, and humility.

We find light in the midst of darkness.

While these domains may see ethereal, they’re eminently practical and everyday. As incarnate human beings, we express ourselves in distinct ways: physical, mental and emotional, energetic, and spiritual. Each of these has a role to play, a gift to share, and we seek to honor and incorporate the wisdom of each.

We only need to give these dimensions of ourselves room to speak. When we do so they’ll communicate their reality. They’ll tell us when they’re hurting, feeling unheard, or in need of support and help. They’ll tell us when they’re awake, healthy, and ready to serve. My role is to invoke and hold sacred space, a space in which there can be depth-filled conversation and transfiguration.

We allow, we listen, we receive, we attend and honor.

And we do so in a natural, regular, human way. This is not wu-wu work. It’s not airy-fairy stuff. It’s real, concrete, and important.

I’m a regular dude. A big part of my work is to normalize these aspects of yourself that are seen as weird or that you might be embarrassed to admit to others or even to yourself. Our egos, our souls, our energy, our emotions, our spirits are a part of us. They’re simply part of our human birth, whether you consider yourself spiritual but not religious, follow a traditional religious path, or identify as an atheist.

Either we will express all these dimensions of ourself in a healthy, integrated, conscious way or we won’t. My aim is to help us move more to the former.

Honestly I don’t care all that much about what you do (or don’t) officially believe. What I do care about is what you experience, how you understand that experience, and what impact that experience has on the way you live your daily life.

I don’t promise that you will have the greatest existence ever with no more pain or challenges. Instead I invite you to intentionally and compassionately embrace your pain, doubts, and fears.

I’m not flashy. I offer a strong, durable, and peaceful container within which to do your work. I care very much that you be empowered to take greater and greater degrees of responsibility for your being here as a human being in all the various facts of your distinct expression.

I do promise that in working together you will experience your life and life itself as more meaningful. A meaningful existence is to me, well, very meaningful. And sadly quite rare.

Certainly there are other styles, personalities, and approaches to spiritual work. Depending on the individual’s makeup and needs at a given time in their journey, each of these approaches have their place. My approach is based strongly in my own experience and personality, which has its inherent strengths and limitations. I do what I do and I don’t do what I don’t do. I appreciate that there are a diversity of methods and approaches.

I work best with individuals who are committed and sincere in their intention to grow spiritually, who are honest, willing to trust, and reliable. Most importantly, amidst any number of difficulties, fears, hurts, and worries, they have a tender heart and in the right time and in the right place with the right person they’ll explore that tenderness. Please sign up for our newsletter by clicking the link at the bottom left corner of this page. You can also sign up for a free consultative session to see if this work is for you.