What is Reiki?

Reiki is both a spiritual path and a form of energy healing.

As a spiritual path, Reiki is an energetic connection to the Divine. It’s a means through energy of uniting with the Source and Essence of all Life. It’s a path of gentle but powerful transformation. It’s rooted in an ethics of generosity, justice, and harmonious relations.

As a healing modality, Reiki involves either light-touch (clothed) or no touch. The client usually receives the energy lying down on a massage table, but they can also be in a chair if that is more comfortable. A Reiki can be given to oneself or another. It is also possible to receive a Reiki treatment from long distance.

Miako Usui was graced to receive the transmission of Reiki in his homeland of Japan in the early 20th century during a time of spiritual retreat. He felt himself open to a channel of spiritual energy. He then went about teaching students to open themselves to this higher energy as well. Numerous schools of Reiki have since developed.

The word Reiki comes from Japanese word composed of two parts: Rei and Ki. Ki is similar to the Chinese ‘chi’ (or Qi) as in Tai Chi or Chi Gong. Ki is Life force, the energy that pervades and sustains of all life. There are various translations of Rei into English. For example, “Universal Mind”, “Divine Consciousness”, and so on. I think of Rei as a Divine Wisdom that permeates all things, it helps guide and channel properly the energy of the Ki. The Ki is the energy that enables the wisdom of the Rei to be activated. Reiki then is the combination of the two: Mind and Energy.

One of the foundational beliefs of Reik (born out through experience) is that Reiki works only for the highest good of the client. In working with clients, I notice that their bodies intuitively know how to modulate the amount and kind of Reiki they receive. As Reiki energy runs throughout their body it can reduce stress and anxiety and facilitate emotional or energetic releases.

This page from the Canadian Reiki Association has a nice summary of the history, background, and context of Reiki for those interested.

I’m trained in two schools of Reiki: Usui (original) and Karuna® Reiki, a newer form of Reiki that has developed in the last two decades mostly in North America. I have the designation of Master Teacher in both of those Reiki lineages, meaning I can attune students to their respective energies and teach the philosophy and practice of Reiki. I’m also strongly influenced by the work of Brett Bevell.