Chris is one of the most solid and trustworthy people I know. Working with him as a spiritual mentor and reiki practitioner is at once illuminating, grounding and often hilarious. I tend to get pretty ramped up and high strung energetically and after a session with Chris, I feel clear and open and super chill. Let’s not diminish the feat it is to have me feel super chill. Chris’ insane amount of knowledge and practice in what seems like every spiritual lineage is like having Wikipedia in a human, whatever is going on for me, whatever the need, he’s able to point me in a direction that leaves me feeling more whole and deeply connected with the aspects of my Self that can feel fragmented on an average human day. He’s steady and loving, present and playful and has made a profound difference in the quality of my life and spiritual work.

Chela Davison, Certified Integral Coach, cheladavison.com

I’m going to call you my Urban Shaman. Is that okay with you? Thanks for the multi-dimensional support. The energy work and journeying have been incredibly healing and affirming. I have such respect for the work you’re doing in the world.

Danielle LaPorte, author of The Desire Map and The Fire Starter Sessions

Chris is one of the brightest, enlightened, integral folks that I know. His work is fully integrally-informed, and he lives what he teaches—he walks his talk. I can without any reservations at all recommend him, his teaching, and his work. As this website demonstrates, it is all wonderfully advanced and evolved material!

Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision

When I first signed up to work with Chris, I had no idea what to expect. He seemed like a cool guy, and I’d heard good things from others, so I decided to go for it – and I’m so glad I did! Since working with Chris, so much has changed. The biggest thing was that (almost immediately) after doing work to energetically remove some blocks I had around romantic relationships, I immediately attracted a very special guy, who I really connected with on a soul level like I had never connected with anyone before, and who since I have developed a deep and meaningful relationship with. On top of that, I have a deeper feeling of groundedness and confidence than I had before, and a greater ability to attract my desires into my life. In terms of my business, I definitely have a lot more confidence now knowing that what I am doing is in alignment with what I am basically hard-wired to do on a soul level. Very cool! I’m also noticing and sticking to my boundaries more and really honoring my truth in terms of how I behave and who I spend time with. Chris is also just super FUN and easy to hang out with. I can’t say enough good stuff about this guy. I’ve referred a few people to him and I look forward to working with him again!

Rebecca Beaton, rebeccabeaton.com

Chris’ mastery of reiki became apparent in very the first moment he laid his hands on me. As a new mother, the ensuing hour with him felt profoundly refreshing and also deeply empowering. I was left recalling the Source from which we can all draw. I highly recommend him to anyone, especially new moms. He truly deserves the title of master.

Gail Hochachka, Co-Director Integral Without Borders: Integral International Development Centre

I have never felt so completely understood, totally seen, and utterly accepted as I did during Chris’ reading. Pieces of myself that I had never had the words to describe suddenly made sense, and self compassion became a real possibility. Chris takes your information and crystallizes it in a way that is truly unique. He has a gift for seeing what matters and what part of the heart is longing to be touched, gently nudging your soul in the direction it was meant to. Truly, he rocks.

Karen McCullough, Reiki Master and Teacher

I’ve been so grateful for the chance to work with Chris. For one, it’s always a pleasure to experience someone doing something they’re excellent at, and his ability to create deep, profoundly trust-worthy space is a true gift. Shamanic journeying in particular has been really exciting. I’ve been surprised by how much insight I’ve taken from it, and it’s allowed me to touch into something ancient, mythic and even magical inside myself, and to trust what I find there. I highly recommend this exciting work!

Sarah Olson, MD Family Physician

Chris is a rare combination of warm, calming presence and deep intellect.  A man who has done and continues to do his own spiritual practice, he is a powerful guide along the path.  With Chris as your coach you will feel heard, respected, and well-guided.

Cindy Wigglesworth, Founder of Deep Change and author of SQ21: The Twenty One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence