On The Sovereignty of Your Soul

  • Souls Ascend and Descend

    Souls Ascend and Descend

    Souls, spirits, up, down, and sideways.

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  • The (Fourth) Voice of Sovereignty

    The (Fourth) Voice of Sovereignty

    On the sovereignty of our human incarnation.

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  • Liquid Love

    Liquid Love

    On the Incandescence of sovereign existence.

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Welcome to this site. This site is home both to my private practice in soul readings and energy healing as well as my writings on topics of contemporary spirituality.

The core of this site is the exploration of the soul. By the soul I mean a deep yet tender part of ourselves. The soul is the source of our calling and purpose. The soul is the abode of our deep memory. Each soul comes into being with its own unique code, its own specific deep pattern. This coding drives the soul’s purpose and identity–the areas of native talent, of characteristic challenges, and of its central focus.

My work is to help interpret your soul’s code so that you can better understand and connect with this dimension of yourself. By learning who you are at a soul level, you’re empowered to express more and more fully your soul, ultimately offering the distilled essence of your being, your truest gift to life. I also helpyou to clear energetic blocks to your soul, so that you have more free energy and space to live out your soul’s true nature.

Tragically our world is not predicated on understanding or appreciating our souls. Our souls aren’t usually validated in our families, our educational systems, our politics, our economics, our culture. Sadly even much of our spiritual teachings disown the value of the soul.

My private practice as well my writing and speaking advocate for the enduring beauty and wisdom of the soul. To stay in touch please sign-up for the newsletter. To sample some of my writings please visit the blog. To learn more about me, see here. You might enjoy these interviews I did on the show Trying to be Good with my friend Emelia Symington FedyOur first interview on the core concept of my work, Sovereignty. For more interviews, check them out here.

If you are interested in potentially working together, please contact me for a free consultation.