Personal Mentoring


I describe myself as a soul interpreter. I listen for the voice of your soul and translate its meaning and desires into everyday language and experience. In so doing, you gain the capacity to hear the voice of your soul, learn your soul’s native language, and gain greater confidence to express this deep truth of yourself more and more in daily life. (To learn more about my understanding of the soul’s nature see here. To learn more about why I think the soul is so important yet largely neglected in contemporary spiritual and personal development pursuits, see here.)

Being Human: The Path of Soul Healing 

This offering consists of four main areas–intuitive readings and soul clearings, regular correspondence, sessions, and energetic practice (aka homework). Each of those four dimensions is as important as the others. When a person enters into this work, they are really entering into a process. The sessions are a crucially important piece of that process but they are only a piece. The process is fundamentally yours. It is your soul’s journey. My role is simply to help witness, facilitate, and when necessary offer some guidance on the process.

Intuitive readings are done by me prior to each session. We communicate by email regularly to get a grasp of what is arising for you, what you are wanting to work on, and what the readings show. The interplay between what life is showing you, what you want to work on, and what the readings reveal establishes the content and focus for the sessions.

My role in this process consists of the following elements:

  • performing the readings
  • helping you to interpret and make sense of your experience
  • facilitaing the sessions

This offering consists of 5 sessions. Sessions are held in-person locally in Vancouver, BC. For those outside the greater Metro Vancouver area, we will meet by phone or Skype.

Contact me for a free consultation session, so we can discern whether this offering would be most suited to your intentions. The work always begins with a foundational soul reading to gain an overall view on the makeup and current status of the soul (a general physical for your soul as it were). The process develops organically for each person in response to their soul’s deepest longings and needs. Each person moves at their own pace in this process, though commonly most individuals complete this process in 5-6 months.

Energetic Exchange

The energetic exchange in the form of payment includes:

  • the readings
  • regular and thorough email correspondence
  • the sessions
  • homework

$1800 CAD (Canadian residents, 5% GST included, payable in 2 instalments).

The second phase of soul work (by invitation only) focuses on manifestation. For more information on that path, see here.