My clients are coaches, therapists, teachers, advocates, healers, social change agents, and spiritual seekers of all stripes. They’re compelled by a passion to serve and bring goodness into this world. They’ve done lots of personal work in their lives and experienced wonderful growth as result. They’re still struggling however with some issues on which they’d now like to focus.

Issues like:

  • Blocks and restrictions to realizing who they are at soul level and living their soul purpose
  • Energetic imbalance and dis-ease
  • Lack of clarity as to how to proceed in developing their spiritual life
  • Excessive stress or overactivity

As a result of these challenges, clients are seeking:

  • To know themselves at soul level and connect to their soul purpose
  • To clear energetic blocks and restrictions
  • Be graced with states of deeper peace and love
  • Gain a greater experience of and trust in their intuitive capacities
  • Create clearer, healthier energetic boundaries

The transformations I see in clients as a result of our work together are:

  • Deepening layers of peace and trust
  • Clearer connection to their soul’s identity and purpose.
  • More ease and confidence within themselves
  • Greater appreciation for the goodness and beauty in themselves and in the world around them

How We Work Together

We begin we a foundational level soul reading and clearing. This reading will provide us with a clear understanding of who you are at your soul level. We’ll learn about your specific talents and gifts. We’ll also gain insight into blocks and restrictions at a soul level and work to clear them.

Once that strong foundation is established, we then move on to specific issues and desires you want to explore. Our work develops intuitively but always comes from a place of loving presence.

Our work together is collaborative and seeks always to be building capacity within the client (you). You set the intentions and I help you in making those intentions real and concrete. The work is done through our sessions as well as with practices you are given to work on between sessions. My role is to invoke and hold a space of depth and clear seeing. In that space magic happens. Over time you learn to invoke and hold this space for yourself.

I’m known for holding a proper balance of depth and seriousness with a lighthearted, humorous outlook on life. This is the style I bring to our work together.

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